2degrees Champions Awards 2015

2degrees Champions Awards 2015

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"Always happy to attend 2degrees summits as they are a great mix of both solution seekers & providers. The day I don't depart one of the summits with at least 1 takeaway is the day I'll stop attending!"

Michael Evans, Head of Safety, Health & Environment, Icelandic Seachill

2degrees Live: The Facts

  • Home Stat - 400 Business Challenges Solved so Far
  • Home Stat - over 50% Rated 2degrees
  • Home Stat - 60% delegates
  • Home Stat - Over 90% great

"A great opportunity to collaborate with people who have the same challenges and goals. I leave today feeling inspired by what others are doing and empowered to do more within my role."

Courtney Lockyer, Sustainability Coordinator, Telefónica O2 UK

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