Reporting Masterclass 2015

Reporting Masterclass 2015

The 2degrees Masterclass is not a normal reporting event. You don’t just sit and listen to the experts – you also work with them, and peers of similar reporting maturity, to actively solve your specific reporting challenges. So whether you are looking to measure and report sustainable business value or are seeking to innovate your stakeholder dialogue and focus on materiality, this Reporting Masterclass will give you the practical insight and tools need to overcome your challenges and to implement your engagement and reporting strategies for 2015.

"It was wonderful; the organized networking between seminars was a stroke of genius." Environmental Manager, Nationwide Services

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Showcase your sustainable business solutions to a targeted audience.


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"Always happy to attend 2degrees summits as they are a great mix of both solution seekers & providers. The day I don't depart one of the summits with at least 1 takeaway is the day I'll stop attending!"

Michael Evans, Head of Safety, Health & Environment, Icelandic Seachill

2degrees Live: The Facts

  • Home Stat - 400 Business Challenges Solved so Far
  • Home Stat - over 50% Rated 2degrees
  • Home Stat - 60% delegates
  • Home Stat - Over 90% great

"A great opportunity to collaborate with people who have the same challenges and goals. I leave today feeling inspired by what others are doing and empowered to do more within my role."

Courtney Lockyer, Sustainability Coordinator, Telefónica O2 UK

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